About Carpool

Carpool has been around since the early '90's, in some form, or another, making mostly handmade clothing and hats. Although the name might suggest a collective, Carpool is a one person operation, run by me, Lisa Mendez. I like to make things. That's really all there is to it. I do have a kick ass education to back it up, but really, I'd still be making things, even without that. Each garment is individually cut, and sewn. Most pieces are machine wash, and dry. I make clothes that I want to wear in my everyday life. They are designed to be your favorites, and durably constructed, so they to live up to that challenge. Simple shapes, uncluttered designs, and a comfortable fit insure that you wear Carpool clothes, they don't wear you. I want the garments I make, to be the first ones you put on, after laundry day, and my hats and scarves to be the first ones you grab, when it's cold outside.